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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Home Buyer's Moving Tips

By Tom Vanleen

When you purchase that first home, there can be a lot of excitement, but getting ready for a move can be very stressful.

It consumes a lot of your time, because you are packing up all the contents of where you live now. Quite often, people are surprised by the amount of time needed to get things ready to go and organized. Ahead of time, make sure that you prepare everything for your move. You'll find that everything goes smoother if you plan ahead and keep everything organized. Keep all the important documents in an easily accessible place so you don't lose them in the move. To make sure so that everything is ready to be loaded up on moving day, have your apartment or old home staged. As you move from one home to another, simple preparation will save time and make everything easier.

For each person, create a single suitcase or backpack filled with all the necessities you would need if you were going on a 3-day vacation. This includes 3 changes of clothes that you can either unpack in or go to work in, depending on your schedule, plus toiletries, prescriptions, eyeglasses, and other vital items. Keep these items separated from the rest of the things packed and handy for when you arrive, so if anything else is missing, you will at least have the necessities handy.

Similarly, have an "open me first" box for each room, clearly labeled in red instead of black ink, holding the things you want to have immediately available as soon as you arrive. For the bathroom, this might be soap, towels and toilet paper; for the kitchen it's the coffee maker and paper cups, plates and flatware; etc. This will make your first 24 hours in the new place much simpler.

You're going to be better off if you move less. If possible, you should put off big purchases, such as appliances and furniture, until you have moved. Moving long distances can get expensive because you will end up paying based on weight. If you can avoid those big purchases until you are set up in your new home, you'll save a lot of money and trouble as you move. If it's been at least one year and you haven't used something, it's wise to lighten your load when moving by discarding it.

Items you don't need can take up a lot of space, although it's easy to amass them over time. Donate them to charity, gift them, or have a garage sale. You'll save yourself a huge amount of work when moving day arrives if you have eliminated items you don't want or need.

Find babysitters to help out with children to give you some time to pack. Get help on moving day too, so the kids are kept away from heavy furniture moving, and avoid upset watching their favourite toys going out of the house, et cetera. If you can, send your pets to a boarding house for the day, because the doors are going to be open a lot.

Moving can be challenging, especially for first time home buyer's. Remember these tips to give yourself a smooth moving day, and you'll be unpacked in your new home quickly.

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