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Monday, September 9, 2013

Nine Condo Considerations

By Carlo Batara

There's a significant relationship between accessibility and condos for some kinds of property owners. In particular, the over 60's along with the physically challenged â€" in particular those in wheel chairs â€" must examine carefully parts from the condo before they finally decide to purchase it. Allow me to share 9 accessibility related factors that needs to be given consideration by these categories of buyers.

1. Location from the Building

Think about the spot throughout the building. When possible, decide on a building in over a level plane rather than over a hill. It's also advisable to try to find cuts within the curbs on sidewalks which will make wheelchair movement easier. Furthermore, check for shopping and amusement parks which are easy to get at with a wheelchair.

2. Automobile Parking Space

Examine the parking facility for your condo. Can the parking area be accessed by a wheelchair? Check if the condo management can assign that you simply parking stall that'll be more wheelchair-friendly.

3. Main Entrance

Take a good look with the entrance from your street along with in the carpark. What sort of lock will the entrance have? For someone in a wheelchair, a card lock is superior to a standard key lock. In reality, some entrances are really simple to use that you only need to bring the credit card close for it to be opened. You should also determine if the apartment management can install a ramp rather than stairs, for those who wish to live on the floor floor.

4. Suite Entrance

In many condos, the entrance door will often close automatically. Which will require some level of strength to spread out. Therefore in the interest of accessibility, an electrically powered door operator may need to be installed.

5. Door Features

There are some door features that enhance accessibility. One of them will be the door width. The width from the doors from the condo mustn't be under 34 inches, preferably 36 inches. Another critical feature will be the door handle. A lever door handle is better than a door knob.

6. Kind of Windows

Accessible window sills and handles may also be essential. Choose low window sills to enable you to catch an excellent view of what is happening outside while you are seated. Also, be aware that hurricane-safe casement windows are easier to open and close than the vertical sliders.

7. Space to go

Adequate turning space should always be described as a priority for folks using wheelchairs. Hallways should have adequate space to create 90 degree turns in and out of a door. Bathrooms and kitchens also needs to have adequate turning space. As a rule-of-thumb, a turning circle with a five foot radius should be sufficient in many instances.

8. Bathrooms

There are several vital accessibility features to check inside a bathroom. As an example, adequate space is necessary underneath the sink to move close enough and employ the sink easily. The mirror also need to be a decreased enough to use or possibly a tilting mirror could be installed instead. One of the wheels-in shower will be more appropriate compared to a bathtub. A phone shower-head containing an adjustable height can also be recommended.

9. Kitchen Layout

Your kitchen should have adequate space under the sink. The running counter also need to be installed at the height that is convenient for someone seated in a wheelchair. A wall oven is really a door that opens sideways is preferred to a consistent oven. A alongside refrigerator as well as a bottom-mount deep freezer can also be more user friendly.

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