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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Become Cool With Running A Successful Condo Website When You Read This

By Betty Miller

Feeling like you're in a panic because no one is checking out your condominium information site? Don't give up! With our tips, you can learn how to use SEO, keywords and online marketing to your advantage. In a short amount of time, you will be generating traffic. Take a deep breath and let's get started.

If you want to add some new content on your page then always add content or terms which are gaining popularity. There is a keyword report which each search engine generates and you can take benefit from it. But always add those contents which relates to your page if you add some content that are not relevant to your page, then visitors may leave your page.

SEO firms have to make a living and sometimes they'll tell you exactly what you want to hear to get your foot in the door. Don't believe everything they say. There are no instant results in SEO. You're search rankings will increase on its own as long as you provide your condominium information site with quality content on a regular basis. Be patient and you'll get there soon enough.

To make the overall user experience on your condominium information site an easy and pleasing one, don't make them guess how they got to a particular page. To make it easier for them to navigate, include a 'breadcrumb trail' at the top of each page so that they know exactly where they are. This way they'll be more likely to come back to your website to find more information.

Use the 30 second rule. Ask a friend or family member to log on to your condominium information site and read the home page. Time them for 30 seconds. When the time's up, tell them to stop and close the home page. Ask them to explain to you in clear terms what your site is about. If they can't, you need to streamline the information on your home page.

A successful proposition for condominium information sites is to create a prominent space on the home page for deals and promotions. Don't forget that most of the promotions attract more traffic. However, verify that there is no cluttering, as more promotions would reduce the efficacy of your home page.

A great way to improve your condominium information site is to visit competing websites and compare your site to theirs. See where they are doing better than you and where you are doing better than them and try to make the necessary changes. Keep your strengths intact while trying to improve your weaknesses.

It is a good idea to include a field on your site where a user can enter his or her email address. Starting an email list will keep your customers informed on the happenings of your condominium information site. Offering the user a contest entry or a freebie prize is a great way to gain emails.

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